PTO Election Information

The election of the PTO officers for the 2019-2020 school year is just around the corner!  Each year,
we elect a new Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary to our Executive Board.   A brief description of
each position is listed below.  A few hours of your time is all it takes each month so we hope you will
consider one of these positions.  If you have any questions, please refer them to a member of our
nominating committee.

Vice-President– The office of Vice-President shall be filled by election to serve a one-year term as
Vice-President followed by a one-year term as President.  The Vice-President conducts PTO meetings
when the PTO President is not available, helps with committees as needed, assists the President with the
performance of his/her duties, and is available to help with all PTO business.  The Vice-President is also
responsible for coordinating and handling all aspects of our monthly Family Fun Nights and also organizes
the school supply kits.

Secretary– The Secretary is responsible for keeping an accurate record of all meetings of the
organization as well as the Executive Board and for providing copies of meeting minutes to the officers
and the organization.  The secretary will also reconcile the monthly bank statements, post the minutes
from each meeting on the website, purchase/send greeting cards and thank you notes when necessary,
and prepare announcements of monthly PTO meetings and other activities as needed.

Treasurer– The Treasurer is responsible for receiving all monies of the organization, checking the PTO
drawer for bills and reimbursement forms a minimum of twice a week, paying all bills on or before their
due date, keeping an accurate record of receipts and expenditures, and disbursing funds as authorized
by vote of the organization or the Executive Board.  The Treasurer is also responsible for providing the
PTO President with a current budget report at least two days previous to each monthly meeting and for
presenting this report at each PTO meeting.

As outlined in the bylaws, the office of Treasurer and Secretary are elected to serve a one-year term
and are eligible for re-election to the same office.  These officers may serve at any one position for a
maximum of two years.  No officer, excluding the school principal, shall serve on the Executive Board for
more than three years.

The Nominating Committee will present the nominations for officers at the March 2nd meeting and the
election of officers will be held at the April 2nd meeting.

If you are unable to become an officer at this time, please consider becoming a chairperson/co-
chairperson of one of our PTO committees. Contact Karamie Vala if you are interested at

Please complete the PTO Nomination Form below: