Clip Those Box Tops All Year Long!

Clip Those Box Tops All Year Long!

It’s on! Let’s continue to collect those box tops and help raise money for Spring Ridge! Box tops will be counted mid-October and again in February. each box top is worth 10 cents and they all add up! What’s more – you can double our Box Tops when you use the new Box Tops App! Find in the App store. You can also find it on Google Play.


1. Check to make sure the Box Tops haven’t expired (very important!)

2. Trim the edges

3. Separate labels into 1 pt, 5 pt, or 10 pt labels

4. Bundle Box Tops into groups of 50 (if possible) and label the bag/envelope with the number included OR attach the Box Tops to the collection sheets your kid(s) will come home with and turn in a whole or partially completed sheet. Make as many copies of the collection sheets as you need, single sided. If you print double-sided, please only fill one side.

Don’t forget to write your teacher’s name on the collection sheet or envelope/bag. We will have another competition to see which class collects the most!

NOTE: Labels for Education ended the program this summer, so no need to send Labels.

If you have any questions, please email Kim Scarsi at


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