Parent/Teacher Conferences (Early Dismissal At 2:06) SEPT 28 & 29

Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held on Sept 28-29 from 3-7 pm. We will have early dismissal at 2:06 pm on both days.

Online signup will open Monday, September 13 at 10 am. You can access the signup here:

Sign-up will close at 11:59 pm on Sept 26.

If you need to register, you will enter your email address and click “Login/Create Account.” Fill in the required fields. For each child, enter your child’s first and last make and birth date. Example: JohnSmith 12/25/2005

If you already have an account, you’re all set. Login at 10 am and you’re off to the races.

Each colored square represents an available meeting time. The legend/key shows you what each color means. Click on a square to book that time, then click “Create appointment” to finalize. Repeat these steps until you have a time for each child.

You will have the ability to change your conference time through Sept 26. Simply login with the credentials you used to create your account. After Sept 26, you’ll need to call the office to make any changes. 402-637-0204

Specialists are also available for conferences during these times.


September 28 @ 2:06 pm
September 29 @ 2:06 pm

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